When it comes time for your mother to need a caregiver, it can be a hard decision rather to put her in a home, hire a full-time sitter or take on the responsibility yourself. Many people decide to take on the responsibility themselves because they cannot fathom someone else meeting their standards, when it comes to their mom. As Mother’s Day approaches, the topic of “mother” is on most everyone’s mind.

So, you’ve already made the decision to be the primary caregiver for your mother? Don’t worry, you are not alone. Over 65.7 million Americans currently provide care for a family member or a loved one.

Here are some things to keep in mind:

You need rest, too! While it can be stressful, and you feel as though you should be watching your mom all the time – you need rest, too. There is a such thing as caregiver burnout, and this can happen very quickly if you do not have adequate rest. Make sure that you are getting the full amount of sleep that you need to feel awake, alert and energized.
Be patient with her and yourself. Most likely, you are not a trained caregiver. Typically, the child who takes over caring for their mom does not do it as a career day in and day out. Therefore, it is a learning process. Keep in mind, it is a learning process for your mom, too. Just as you are not used to taking care of her, she isn’t used to needing someone to take care of her. Patience is key.
Maintain a balanced lifestyle. You will provide your mom with the best care when you are being the best you that you can be. While it is important to be there for her and make sure she has an adequate amount of attention, it is also important to take some “me time” for yourself. By having that little bit of time apart, the two of you will be excited to be back together. And it will make her happy to see you happy!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there! Post a picture with your sweet mom on our Facebook page, showing just how much you love her.