Become a home care champion

Champion Caregivers is one of the fastest growing home care agencies in the DFW area.

The secret to our success is to recruit the best Caregivers and treat them with respect. Please see below what some of our current employees have to say about working for Champion Caregivers.

Job requirements

  • Positive Attitude
  • Current Valid Texas Drivers License
  • Must have your own vehicle
  • Pass the Caregiver Assessment
  • Pass a Criminal Background Check
  • Pass a Drug Test


  • Higher pay rates
  • Direct Deposit
  • Overtime
  • No Paperwork
  • Continuing Education
  • Paid travel time between clients
  • Caregiver of the Month program $100
  • Caregiver of the Year program $1,000

Become a Champion

Take the Caregiver Assessment below (15 Minutes) and you’ll be taken to the Online Application.

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Hear what our caregivers say

Working for Champion has been very rewarding. They do a great job matching client/caregiver personalities and needs.”
~ Felicity V

“Working for Champion Caregivers is a great experience. They will work with your schedule for the hours that best fit you and your family needs. They are passionate for every client regardless the amount of help is needed. Every employee is treated equal and fair.”
~ Whitney B.

“The owners are excellent to work with, as well as the staff as well as the other helpers that I have met. It’s been a great experience. They’re a great organization to work with, whether part-time or full time. I give them an A-Plus, and I enjoy working with them as well. ”
~ Jimmy

“Champion Caregivers is: Caring, Compassionate, and Makes sure all clients/employees are treated like family.
~ Donna B.

“I love working with Champion Caregivers. I have been with them going on two years now. We have an awesome team here at champion.”
~ Jo Ann O.

“I’ve worked for Champion Caregivers for about a year. I really like the company and the way they treat their employees and the their treat their clients.”
~ Judy

Become a Champion

Take the Caregiver Assessment below (15 Minutes) and you’ll be taken to the Online Application.

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“Champion Caregivers, I have truly enjoyed working for the company. The staff is very friendly, they do their best to accommodate our needs, as well as the clients. Very thankful I was referred to them by a close friend. Have been an employee for 21 months and still continue… :)” ~ Lisa A.

“The staff is easy to talk to and work with. The clients are great. Ken and Susie are great people, lovely to work with. They go above and beyond to help the caregivers and the clients.”
~ Sara

“You could not work for a better company or people. Everyone there treats you like you really are a Champion! Helping people is our number one goal!
~ Pat H.

“Always willing to accommodate employees as well as clients. Champion is an Astounding Company to work for! The Leadership of Ken and Susie is Remarkable !”
~ Shauna C.

“Staff very professional since I started.”
~ Joanna T.

“Champion caregivers Is an excellent company to work for. If you are in school, or have a busy schedule they will work around your needs. They offer a ton of benefits for a job well done. Come join our team!
~ Lindsey B.

“If your passion is to help others then Champion is the place for you, personally it’s not a job for me it’s a privilege. Champion Caregivers has blessed my life.”
~ Donna D.

“I have worked for several different home health companies, that have no understanding that we as their caregivers are people too. I truly believe that Champion is just as compassionate about their employees as they are our clients.
~ Robin A.

“I’ve been with Champion Caregivers for 2.5 years. I like working with them. I’ve worked with another agency but I prefer working with Champion Caregivers because I work with a lot of great people who treat me with respect. The clients are great, they’re really sweet. I’ve fallen in love with all of them!
~ Yvonne

“It feels great to work for a company who cares as much for their employees as they do for their clients.”
~ Christina T.

“I’ve been here for over a year and have enjoyed working for Ken and Susie. They’re more than just my employers, they treat you like family. They treat you with respect and are flexible as much as possible. They try to bring on people who have good hearts… ”
~ Chante

“Champion Caregivers is a very personable and friendly place to work. You work for a company who makes the employee feel good about themselves. Champion strives to meet individual needs of the employee.
~ Nancy B.

“Champion Caregivers is an amazing place to work. Management is always willing to assist you with any and all needs. Honest company with good values, support and knowledge. We are one big family!! I love my job!!”
~ Jennifer A.

I enjoy the flexibility of working for Champion. The ability to take off when I need to means a lot to me.”
~ Gloria

“Working to enrich other people’s lives is very rewarding.. GOOD COMPANY TO WORK FOR!
~ Deborah D.

Champion is ‘top of the grid’ with their online/paperless tracking system. It makes my job so much easier, with no handwritten logs to have signed and and sent to the office. Also I love all of the text I receive to keep me informed.”
~ Deborah T.

“I love my job and I wouldn’t trade what I do for anything!”
~ Sara Y.

“Champion is “top of the grid” with their online/ paperless tracking system. It makes my job so much easier , with no handwritten logs to have signed and and sent to the office. Also I love all of the text I receive to keep me informed .”
~ Deborah T.

“I had my share of working at different agencies. Some are good and some are bad, but Champion caregivers is most extraordinary.
~ Larissa T.

Champion Caregivers is a small company with a family feel that is professionally managed like a large corporation. This includes, but not limited to, cutting-edge Customer Satisfaction Surveys, employee rewards and recognitions, excellent training programs and a fantastic retirement plan that includes a company match. Come experience the Champion difference.” ~ Shannon G.

“What I like most about working for Champion is that they appear to be AWESOME people to work for. Everyone works as a team and I love that.
~ Michelle I.

“I would say it is fun and it puts a smile on face every time I go to work”
~ Kathleen M.

“Thank you for giving me the opportunity to work for you guys it was an answer to prayer!”
~ Mina F.

“I enjoy working with Champion Caregivers because the executives,Ken and Susie, care for their clients and employees. The office staff are helpful with the universal workers and the clients are a joy to meet and give care.
~ Jimmy C

Become a Champion

Take the Caregiver Assessment below (15 Minutes) and you’ll be taken to the Online Application.

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