Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for senior citizens to become isolated and very lonely. To help avoid this, our Caregivers are able to fill your or your loved one’s basic need for friendly interaction and conversation. In addition to standard Dallas/Fort Worth home care, our companionship services can include a wide range of activities including friendly conversation, playing games, going for a walk, watching movies, or going out to lunch. With a growing numbers of Dallas/Fort Worth seniors living alone, our in- home caregivers have the opportunity to fill the emotional space that other people fill with spouses or significant others. It’s important to remember that companionship can link each of us to broader social networks and help enrich our lives.

At the end of the day, a companion can be the emotional oasis that makes all the difference in a desert of loneliness. We have found that it is fairly common for our clients to become very attached to our caregivers, allowing them to look forward to the scheduled visits and enjoy the company.