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“Ken and staff were thorough in assessing my mother’s needs and selecting a caregiver who was able to provide the kind of support she needed. The caregiver was prompt, sensitive and thorough in the care she provided and showed flexibility when we needed to modify her schedule. Everyone showed concern for our family’s needs. Regardless the physical or emotional challenges the caregiver remained positive and upbeat.”
~ Marv Woolard

“My son decided that I needed somebody to look after me more. Champion Caregivers has turned out to be what I really need. I really look forward to Emily coming over. She comes Friday and Monday and I have chores tired up for her to do and she knows I do and helps clean things I haven’t piled up.

Susie Cox is very good with with the company too, and she brings me exotic flowers that last for years. I’m a gardener and she makes a banana bread that’s better than my mother’s.

I would recommend Champion Caregivers for anybody that needs help because they’re growing old and are going to need more help later. I expect to be with them for the rest of my life.”
~ Jack

“As advertised, Champion Caregivers takes great care in selecting personnel that are attentive and compassionate. Additionally, the owners, Ken & Sue, bring professional expertise to the entire process regularly evaluating the patient, caregivers, as well as the home environment to achieve maximum safety and comfort. Champion Caregivers remained flexible in scheduling and professional in all interactions through multiple hospital visits and discharges home. Champion Caregiver’s presence relieved me of an added layer of stress while caring for my loved one. I will not hesitate to turn to Ken & Sue in the future if needed.”
~ Pamela Cannell

“My condition with Parkinson’s affects my voice as well as my body. My wife passed away last year, that left a big vacancy in my life. Champion Caregivers is a personal relationship, not just somebody to call on the phone and come help me. They’re high quality people, and I’ve been most impressed by that. They’re caretakers in the true meaning of taking care of me. Having them come out has been a relief for my family as well as helped me. Ken Cox is the head of Champion, but he’s been a personal friend of mine. Since I met him, he’s been very helpful.

I call him the toilet seat mechanic because he helped me fix a toilet seat one time, volunteered to help me on that. He also helped me put up grab bars in the bathroom, it’s been a big help. It’s not only the caregivers that come out, but when you’ve got somebody like the president of the company who comes out, that’s when it gets personal.

I’d recommend Champion Caregivers for anyone that needs help like I do.”
~ Joe

“Champion Caregivers has done an excellent job for our family. Organized and kind, they have been perfect for Mom’s needs and they have worked so hard to accommodate our family. Not many people understand the difficulties of caring for an aging parent, but Champion Care has really stepped up to the plate. We highly recommend them with 5 stars!”
~ Angie Heflin

“I’m 84 years old, and we have investigated home health care mainly because we’d like to live in our own home. I needed the care mainly for bathing, tying shoes, buttoning buttons, and cooking. The agency that I have selected is Champion Caregivers and it’s been a marvelous relationship. I feel that they have been very receptive to my needs and I would recommend Champion Caregivers for anyone that is in need especially for the companionship. Monday through Friday I’m cared for.”
~ Ann

“We needed some help for my Mom who is 90. Ken gave us the background of the company and the selection process for his employees. We felt comfortable with process and hired him. He matched up a caregiver that was a great match for my Mom and us. Would recommend Champion to any one who needs help with a loved one.
~ Carl Wright

We used one of the franchise caregivers for a couple of weeks and it was not satisfactory. Caroline came into our home and we were just comfortable with her from the beginning… Since we started using Champion Caregivers I don’t worry about the caregiver or the relationship we have with the company.

Everywhere I go where I talk with people who are taking care of someone else – I mention Champion and our good experience with it, primarily because it’s not a franchise. I find that relationship much more comfortable.
~ Aileen

“In July 2016 we retired and moved to Dallas, Texas where our children live. I was talking to our daughter who has been here for 4-5 years. She contacted a CEO of a Home for Mom, and she told him that we need to look for a caretaker in Dallas for us and asked for recommendations. Without hesitation he said to call Champion Caregivers.

It has given me a lot of freedom. I can go out without any worry. The person who is taking care of my husband right now is Pamela. She is an extremely dependable person. I would absolutely recommend Champion Caregivers any day, anytime, to any friend, and it’s been nothing but pleasure. It’s peace of mind.”
~ Rekha

This has been our first experience with caregivers and I am so so grateful for a friend’s recommendation of Champion Caregivers. I can literally say they have been a “Godsend” for my parents. Their caregiver has been helping with everything from driving, errands, menu planning and cooking when needed, companionship and helping with appointments. It has given us children so much peace of mind knowing our parents are in good hands when we can’t be there everyday. My parents love it now and feel like they have the coolest personal assistant! I would highly recommend Champion Caregivers and recommend to not wait if you think there is a need. So grateful we reached out when we did!”
~ Shanna Argote

“I have suffered from a stroke back in 2007. Since then I have had difficulty using my right hand as well as using my right leg. If somebody needed help and were asking me, I would recommend Champion Caregivers because based on my personal experience, they found Pamela to help me everyday. She prepares my breakfast and lunch, and it’s been very helpful for me. Once in a while she calls me ‘Darling’, but she is the darling!”
~ Hari

“My uncle is special needs and a stroke victim. This was my first experience with hiring a caregiver for a family member. Ken was excellent in guiding me through the process. Champion Caregivers has a very selective screening process of their employees. His wife Susie is a physical therapist and came out every day to make sure each caregiver knew how to properly assist my uncle from wheelchair to bathroom etc. They worked very hard to find just the right caregiver for us. We could not be more pleased!”
~ Stephanie Baldwin

“Champions Caregivers provides exceptional, professional, and personal, service to clients. The quality and qualification of their caregivers far exceeds other agencies. I have ALS and have had many caregivers. We feel very fortunate to have found this agency and the caregivers that they provide to us are medically trained and give loving care. The agency is very cooperative and easy to work with.”
~ Dona Holland

“I live in Fort Worth, Texas. The caregivers that I’ve had through Champion Caregivers, particularly Kay – I couldn’t ask for better. I couldn’t believe that I would be so fortunate to get a caregiver that would fit in, was very smart and intelligent and knew what to do, and is such a help in all kinds of ways.

If I have errands to run she takes me in my car. She’s an excellent driver, I didn’t have to worry about anything, and she helps me with my groceries or whatever I’m shopping for and brings me back. That’s been a help because at my age I’m not enjoying driving too much. It’s nice having a caregiver that can drive you around.

I don’t often go to the movies, but Kay suggested we go see a movie every now and then and I thought it’s about time I went to movies again. So she suggested one that was terribly funny. I have been delighted with the quality of caregivers I’ve had through Champion. I can’t imagine anyone any better.”
~ Alice

Our family is very grateful for the caregiving services provided to my mother by Champion Caregivers. The assigned caregiver has been a perfect fit for my mother whom she visits daily. She is compassionate, has a lively sense of humor, and enjoys her work in addition to being very reliable and professional.”
John Menefee

“Working with the Champion Caregivers team has been an excellent experience. My Dad has been very happy with the care they have provided. The health care staff are well trained, conscientious, and caring. They have also been very responsive to my inquiries and requests as we jointly seek to provide the best possible support to Dad.”
~ William Melton

“Our family has been extremely satisfied with Champion Caregivers. The initial visit was very informative and all of our questions were answered in a professional manner. The Lady they sent to take care of our mother has been excellent and we could not have picked a better person out; our mother loves her. Champion Caregivers are truly a professional company and I would recommend them to anyone, including family. It is my honor to write this review for them.”
~ Ronald Roberts

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