Why Choose Us vs Assisted Living


We do not claim to be “The Answer” for all situations but a little in home care provided by Champion Caregivers can be a viable alternative to Assisted Living. When your loved one needs help we encourage you to explore all of the options available. Below are some things to consider when thinking of Assisted Living Facilities.

Cost / Value Ratio

Assisted living can be expensive, and because it is not covered by Medicare, for many seniors, the cost can be prohibitive. In 2015, the median monthly base rate in an assisted living facility in Dallas / Fort Worth rose to $3,894, according to a survey by Genworth. And the upper end Assisted Living facilities rates can run as high as $9,000 a month.

The sticker price, however, often won’t account for the fees a facility charges for additional services. Some facilities will charge a resident extra for meal delivery, for example, while others add on fees for services such as transportation to and from the facility, or laundry and housekeeping. Likewise, fees for bathing assistance, dressing assistance and medication management can add thousands of dollars a month to the base rate.

Consider that compared to the median base price of assisted living you could have about 7 hours of dedicated one on one care 365 days per year with perhaps a caregiver coming by for 4 hours in the morning and then 3 hours later in the evening.


Moving at any age is stressful but for Seniors a move can be extremely traumatic. Moving means that you lose your neighbors, and in many cases you have to give up pets which can provide great companionship to seniors. You also have the stress of adjusting to new surroundings and new people.

By choosing in home care you eliminate the stress of moving and adjusting to new surroundings. Our caregivers can help take care of pets, run errands, change sheets and other services that allow a person to age in place.


We recommend taking the time to go through the ADL checklist which will probably bring to light some things that you may not have thought of. When you visit an Assisted Living facility bring your completed ADL checklist and present it to them. Make sure that the prices quoted include the level of care that your loved one needs based on your ADL checklist. Also keep in mind that in assisted living facilities the ratio of caregivers / aides to residents could be as high as 1 aide to 10 residents.

In home care from Champion Caregivers is always a one to one ratio of dedicated quality care. We can create a custom schedule to meet our client’s needs based on an assessment performed with each client.