Why Choose Us vs Other Agencies

Trustworthy Caregivers

Champion Caregivers is one of only three agencies in your area that is a member of the Caregiver Quality Assurance Program. This program allows Champion Caregivers the ability to select only individuals with the values necessary to make each client and family member’s experience safe and worry-free.

Champion Caregivers’ Pre-employment Assessment is unique technology that identifies individuals with the potential to put loved ones at risk. The caregiver pre-employment assessment examines whether an applicant has the right attitude to provide quality care. These criteria include: Dependability, Integrity, Hostility and Substance Abuse.

Champion Caregivers uses the Caregiver Quality Assurance Program, including the Pre-employment Assessment, criminal background checks, drug testing and reference checks to ensure its clients and their loved ones feel confident in the quality of care received. About 92% of applicants do not meet our criteria and will typically go to work for other agencies.

Realtime Transparency

Champion Caregivers Gives You the Option to Monitor Your Loved One’s Care Online

We understand how stressful it can be to have a loved one that needs help to live independently, and many of the worries that accompany it.

At Champion Caregivers we want to alleviate some of those stresses by giving you real-time transparency to the care provided and by helping ease some of the logistical burdens with our online Family Room portal.

With the Family Room (available to you at no extra cost), you will be able to access records of care online from any device with Internet access. Additionally, you and other family members can use a shared calendar to coordinate between yourselves and track visits scheduled by your caregivers, as well as track invoices

Not a Franchise

Champion Caregivers is not a franchise which offers some significant advantages. Most of our competitors are National Franchises which means that every month the owners write a very large check to line the pockets of a big corporation. We instead can afford to invest more into programs, services and tools that help us filter applicants, provide training to our employees and have better insurance coverage to protect our clients.

We can afford to do all this and keep our prices competitive since we are not a franchise!