Why Choose Us vs Unlicensed Individuals


When you hire an unlicensed individual as a caregiver you become an employer. Do not think that you can simply call this person a “contract” employee and as such just issue a 1099 to them. Read this IRS publication to learn more. As an employer you are responsible for paying Federal taxes and State unemployement taxes. All of Champion Caregivers employees are W2 employees which means that we pay all taxes.


What will you do when your Unlicensed caregiver calls in sick or tells you that the car won’t start. Do you have a backup plan?

Champion Caregivers has over 60 caregivers so finding a replacement for those situations when a Caregiver cannot make it to work is much easier. When searching for a replacement we use sophisticated scheduling software which lets us know which of our caregivers is available and will match our clients needs.

Risk Mitigation

If an unlicensed Caregiver gets injured while working in your home you could have a big liability exposure. And what happens if your Unlicensed Caregiver is driving your car and gets into an accident?

Champion Caregivers has a $3,000,000 liability insurance policy which includes non-owned auto liability insurance. All of our Caregivers are bonded and we have Workers Compensation insurance for each employee. All of this means that you have significantly reduced risk and less to worry about.

Supervision and Training

Who will be supervising your unlicensed caregiver? Do you have the time or personality to supervise this unlicensed caregiver? What about training the caregiver if they need it?

Champion Caregivers performs supervision visits with each Caregiver and we solicit clients for feedback about our performance. We also have a requirement that our caregivers continue to learn each month.